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New State Health Plan ID Card

Introducing Your New State Health Plan ID CardImage of New State Health Plan ID card

Your State Health Plan ID card has been redesigned for all members on the 70/30 and 80/20 Plans. New members or members requesting new cards this month, may notice the new cards. All members will receive them in December, which will reflect the action you took during Open Enrollment. The new cards have a new look to provide greater transparency about your benefits as well as better descriptions of services and required copay amounts.

The new ID card also highlights the fact that the Plan and taxpayers like you ultimately pay your medical bills – NOT Blue Cross and Blue Shield of North Carolina (Blue Cross NC). They process your claims and provide a network of medical providers, but the money to pay your medical bills comes from you and taxpayers like you. In short, the new design helps underscore the value of your Plan benefit.

On the front, across the bottom, you’ll see an important reminder that State Health Plan benefits are “Paid by you and other NC taxpayers.”

On the same side, you’ll notice larger and brighter font to describe the services available, copays and other details.

The back of the card stresses a fact that you might not know. The state pays 82 percent of the cost of your State Health Plan benefit. On average, this is nearly $500 per month per member, or more than $3.1 billion per year

Please take a minute to review your redesigned ID card when it arrives in the mail, and make sure to keep it handy! However, if you do lose it, you may follow these steps to get a replacement.

Image of New State Health Plan ID card how it benefits members