Training and Development

Welcome to the HBR Training Resource Center! This center is designed to assist you in carrying out your duties as an HBR as they relate to the State Health Plan. 

Check back often as we will be adding new learning tools and resource guides periodically:

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Required Training

New HBRs and other individuals who require access to the enrollment system, eBenefits must follow the process outlined below (Please note: if you are an HBR for a BEACON agency, your role is slightly different. State “Designated Central Agency HBRs” have view-only access to eBenefits. BEST Shared Services has administrative access. Please contact BEST Shared Services for more information regarding your role before completing any training.):

  1. Register for HBR University. Instructions on how to register may be found here.
  2. Once registered, enroll in the Training for New HBRs course.
  3. Complete all modules in the course and complete the assessment at the end.
  4. Complete the Access Request Form located in HBR University.
  5. The completed Access Request Form must be emailed to the for approval. Please indicate on the request form if you need access to eBenefits & eBilling, eBenefits only, or eBilling only. (***Note: Individuals needing only eBilling access are not required to complete the Training for New HBRs course.***)
  6. A member of the HBR Support team will grant access and notify the HBR via email with their login information. eBilling login, if applicable, will be provided as well.

    *** If you already have access but have forgotten your login information, please click the "Can't access your account?" link on the eBenefits log in page. ***

Additional Resources

Resource Description
HBR University HBR University, the Plan's online learning management tool powered by Skyprep.
HBR Upcoming Trainings Upcoming, in-person trainings for HBRs, with dates, locations, and registration links.
HBR Onsite and Webinar Archive Unable to attend a recent HBR webinar? No problem! Find the PowerPoint presentation or video (if applicable) for the meeting you missed.
HBR Benefits Adminstrator Guide A complete guide to help HBRs navigate the eBenefits system (Fall 2018).
HBR Quick Guide: A Reference Guide for HBRs A detailed overview of the roles and responsibilities of an HBR including an overview of important policies and procedures.
HBR Document Center Process This document provides step by step instructions to assist HBRs with the document approval process for ongoing dependent eligibility and information on the qualifying life event verification process. 
HDHP Quick Guide A collection of information regarding the HDHP for HBRs.
COBRA Administration Guide A guide explaining COBRA adminstration as it relates to the State Health Plan.
Coordination of Benefits Training Training presentation designed to explain how coordination of benefits works.
eBilling Guide An overview of the eBilling system.
HBR eBilling Training Guide A training guide for HBRs on the eBilling system.
eBenefits Shell Termination Process & Audit Process This document will assist you in the identification and termination of shells for members that have had their benefits cancelled in the past, who are no longer employed at the group, but have not had their shell terminated.
HBR User Guide for One Place 365 Benefitfocus, the Plan's Eligbility and Enrollment vendor uses the platform One Place 365 to provide a secure avenue that can be used for issues or questions that you would typically email. This user guides explains how to open a case via One Place 365 for assistance.
Retroactive Rehire Rules and Processing of Rehire A guide detailing retroactive rehire rules and processes.
How to Retire a Member in eBenefits A step-by-step guide on how to retire a member in eBenefits.
Speaker Request Form Form to request a State Health Plan representative