Training and Development

The State Health Plan recognizes the value in providing HBRs with ongoing training opportunities to assist in carrying out duties as they relate to the Plan. Below is a list of resources available to you as an HBR.

HBR Webinars

HBR Webinar Set for March 14, 2024

Join us as we discuss additional information regarding the Aetna transition and other updates regarding group premium billing. Click below to register!


HBR University

HBR University is an online learning management tool just for HBRs. It houses required training, learning modules and guides to assist HBRs learning Plan-related policies and procedures.

Required Training for eBenefits

New HBRs and other individuals who require access to the enrollment system eBenefits must follow the process outlined below (Please note: if you are an HBR for a BEACON agency, your role is slightly different. State “Designated Central Agency HBRs” have view-only access to eBenefits. BEST Shared Services has administrative access. Please contact BEST Shared Services for more information regarding your role before completing any training.):

  1. Register for HBR University. Instructions on how to register may be found here.
  2. Once registered, enroll in the Training for New HBRs course.
  3. Complete all modules in the course and complete the assessment at the end.
  4. Complete the HBR Contact/Access Request form.
  5. A member of the HBR Support team will grant access and notify the HBR via email with their login information. eBilling login, if applicable, will be provided as well. 

    *** If you already have access but have forgotten your login information, please click the "Can't access your account?" link on the eBenefits log in page. ***