Preventive Care

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In addition to making healthy lifestyle choices, preventive care is an essential part of living a longer, healthier life. It includes screenings, check-ups, vaccinations, patient counseling, and some medications.  The preventive care that is recommended for you depends on your age, sex, health history, and current health status.

Preventive care services and medications are covered at 100% for State Health Plan members on all 3 plans [the Base PPO Plan (70/30), the Enhanced PPO Plan (80/20), and the High Deductible Health Plan]. For details, please go to the Plan Overview page and view your plan’s Preventive Medical Services Summary or Preventive Medications List.

Make sure you are getting the preventive care you need—schedule an annual check-up with your Primary Care Provider.  This routine exam gives you an opportunity to identify any changes in your health in the past year and receive any recommended preventive care.