eBenefits is the Gateway to your Enrollment


To log into eBenefits, click the button below for YOUR enrollment system. If your employer is not listed, select the "eBenefits" button below or contact your HR representative for assistance.

Once you’re logged into eBenefits, you can complete your OPEN ENROLLMENT, make changes and access your benefit information through BlueConnect, where you can find your EOBs and order new ID cards.

Important Note Regarding Passwords:
If you are having issues logging into eBenefits, do not continue to attempt to log in or you will lock your account. Instead you have the option to reset your password. Simply click “Reset your account” then “I can’t remember my password." From there you will be prompted to a screen that will ask you to enter your username so a passcode can be sent to the email address you have in eBenefits.

Open Enrollment

During Open Enrollment, you can enroll in the State Health Plan, switch between plans and add or remove dependents without a qualifying event. Please remember that when adding dependents to a benefit plan, you will be asked to provide documentation of dependent eligibility under the State Health Plan.

To enroll or make changes to your State Health Plan  benefits, members use the eBenefits system. If you are employed by any of the organizations above, or your organization uses any of these systems, please enroll by clicking on the corresponding gold button above.

Outside of Open Enrollment, members can make changes due to a qualifying life event. A list of qualifying life events can be located in the applicable Benefits Booklet.

Eligibility Information and ID Cards

Enrollment and Eligibility

Permanent employees working a minimum of 30 hours per week may enroll in the State Health Plan.  They can also enroll their eligible dependents.  Permanent employees working 20 or more hours, but less than 30 hours per week, may enroll but must pay the full cost of coverage.

Non-permanent full time employees are eligible for the Plan’s High Deductible Health Plan. Click here for more information regarding that Plan option.

Eligible Dependents

An eligible dependent of a covered employee includes:

  • Legal spouse;
  • Children up to age 26, including natural, legally adopted, foster children, children for which the employee has legal guardianship and stepchildren of the employee;
  • Children who are physically or mentally incapacitated, to the extent that they are incapable of earning a living, and such handicap developed or began to develop before the dependent's 26th birthday while they were enrolled on the Plan.