NC HealthConnex and You

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North Carolina’s Health Information Exchange Network (NC HIE), NC HealthConnex, is a secure, computer-based electronic network for doctors, hospitals and other health care providers to share information that can improve your care – so that no matter where you are providers can access your information.

NC HealthConnex:

  • Links your key medical information from all of your health care providers to create a single, electronic patient health record.
  • Helps health care providers quickly access the information they need to make more informed decisions about your care, especially in an emergency.
  • Offers you peace of mind in visiting a new health care provider’s office if they are participating in NC HealthConnex.

Participation in NC HealthConnex is required of any provider receiving state-funded health care, including the State Health Plan. (See North Carolina General Statute §90-414.4.) It will enable your primary care provider and specialists to work more closely with other providers involved in your care, make better decisions about your care, and reduce the chance of medical errors. This is especially important in emergency situations, for patients with allergies, or for patients with chronic medical conditions.

For more information on the benefits of health information exchange, visit the Health Information Exchange website. Even though health care providers may be required to send NC HealthConnex your patient data if they are reimbursed by the State Health Plan, you have the right to opt out of allowing your health care data to be viewed in NC HealthConnex. For more information, including FAQs and how to opt out, see the Health Information Exchange FAQs.