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Miss a recent HBR monthly webinar? 

Unable to attend a recent HBR monthly webinar? No problem! You can find the PowerPoint presentation (video if applicable) for the meeting you missed by clicking on the links below:

Title Agenda Presentation Video Link
April 2022 Monthly Webinar
  • Introducing Jameka Speight
  • Newborn Billing Issue
  • Reminders: HBR Responsibilities for Enrollment & QLEs, Help Your Employees Plan for Retirement
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March 2022 Monthly Webinar
  • State Health Plan Website Resources
  • HBR Responsibilities for Enrollment & QLEs
  • Help Your Employees Plan for Retirement
  • Creditable Coverage Reminder
  • FACETs Issue Regarding Newborns
  • COVID-19 Coverage Reminder
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February 2022 Monthly Webinar
  • Annual Certification
  • Coverage for At-Home Rapid COVID-19 Tests
  • eBenefits Transfer Functionality Update
  • ID Card Access
  • Reminders: Employer Rate Change in December 2021, HBR Responsibilities for Enrollment & QLEs, 2022 Monthly Webinars Scheduled
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January 2022 Monthly Webinar
  • 2022 Annual HBR Certification & Contact
  • Information Survey
  • Transfers Functionality Update
  • Tobacco Credit Removals
  • Reminders: 2022 Group Billing Schedule, February 2022 Invoices, QLE Training Videos at HBR University, 2022 Monthly Webinars Scheduled
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