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What is a 1095 Form and Do I need it for My Taxes?

Learn more about the 1095 form you may receive in the mail. Plus, an ID card reminder to star the year!

Heads Up for 2023!

Here’s hoping your new year is off to a great start. See below for a few tips on setting a smooth course for 2023.

New ID Card Reminder

By this time, you should have already received your new ID card if you are on the Base PPO Plan (70/30) or Enhanced PPO Plan (80/20). Please use the 2023 ID card starting this month!

If you are on one of the Humana Group Medicare Advantage Plans and didn’t make a change during Open Enrollment, you will not be receiving a new ID card. You can continue using the card you have now.

What is a 1095 Form and Do I need it for My Taxes?

A 1095 form is a tax document which provides you with proof of insurance required under the Affordable Care Act (ACA). It includes information needed to report on your tax return and is for your records only. This form is not needed to submit with your tax return. It is supporting documentation to keep with personal tax records.

As we head into tax season, you should expect to receive this form after the first of the year to save with your personal tax records. The IRS requires employers to mail the 1095 forms by March 2, 2023. If you haven’t received your 1095 form by mid-March 2023, the following information directs how you may request your 1095 form:

  • Active employees in 2022 should be speaking with their HBR regarding their 1095 for the months they were employed or on COBRA.
  • COBRA members who worked for a non-state agency need to contact their employing unit since COBRA coverage was reported by the employing unit.
  • COBRA members who worked for a state agency need to contact BEST Shared Services at BEST@osc.nc.gov or 919-707-0707 or 866-622-3784.
  • Retirees and direct bill members on the Base PPO Plan (70/30) or Enhanced PPO Plan (80/20) PPO calling about 1095 forms will need to call the State Health Plan office at 919-814-4400.
  • Retirees on a Humana Medicare Advantage Plan need to contact Medicare at 1-800-MEDICARE (1-800-633-4227).
  • Retirees and direct bill members who on the Base PPO Plan (70/30) or Enhanced PPO Plan (80/20) who haven’t received a form by mid-February 2023 should contact the State Health Plan.

If you have a question when you receive your 1095 form you should call the contact number listed on your 1095.

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