Getting Your Prescriptions During Civil Unrest

Wednesday, June 3, 2020

A declaration of emergency has been declared in Arizona, California, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Minnesota, Missouri, North Carolina, North Dakota, New York, Oregon, Texas, and Virginia. Demonstrations, vandalism, looting, and arson continue to affect some – although not most – local businesses, including pharmacy locations. To help ensure customer and employee safety, some pharmacy locations have been affected and temporarily closed.

CVS Caremark, the Plan’s Pharmacy Benefit Manager, is taking the following action:

  • CVS stores continue to offer free delivery of prescription medications, when deliveries can be made safely. Members also can opt for mail delivery, if they prefer.
  • CVS Customer Care is prepared to assist members by transferring prescriptions to an alternative pharmacy or mail order. For questions call 888-321-3124.
  • When a CVS store is closed, calls and fax transmissions are transferred to a nearby store.
  • For stores closed for more than one day, CVS can fill prescriptions at another location.
  • CVS is staffing nearby stores with staff from closed stores to ensure adequate staffing to meet increased customer demand.
  • For shorter-term closures, CVS is updating the location’s interactive voice response system for callers and posting notifications on the building’s front doors for visitors.

Affected members within an emergency area taking specialty medications will be contacted to discuss alternate delivery arrangements if needed. The use of courier services will be engaged as necessary. If an override is needed for a specialty medication, specialty operations will make arrangements for approval. If you have questions, please call CVS Caremark at 888-321-3124 or your pharmacy.