May is Mental Health Month

Wednesday, May 1, 2019

Mental Health Month

Supporting a Loved One Living with a Mental Health Condition

When someone has a mental illness, everyone in that person’s orbit is affected. Family members may feel overwhelmed. It’s common for them to feel guilty, helpless, frustrated, and even frightened. And because mental illness is often stigmatized, family members may feel isolated and alone.

In the workplace, the added stress of caring for a loved one with mental illness can erode productivity and cause absenteeism. Employees may miss work to deal with a mental health crisis and to make sure their loved one is keeping up with treatment. The stress of caring for someone with a mental health disorder can cause anxiety and depression. It can even make a person more susceptible to illness.

But you can help make a difference and help stamp out the stigma of a mental condition. Here are some resources from Achieve Solutions, the State Health Plan’s mental health case manager’s website, to help you get started:

An Understanding of Mental Illnesses Helps Overcome Stigma

It’s OK to Ask for Help

Helping a Friend or Loved One:  When to Listen, When to Suggest Professional Health

In addition, you can visit the State Health Plan’s Mental Health Resources website.