Keep Your Contact Information Current!

Monday, March 8, 2021

Image of man looking at cell phone and laptop in coffee shopIt is important that the State Health Plan has your updated contact information so we can communicate with you on a regular basis about your health plan benefits. It is critical that you have a valid address, phone number and email address in the Plan’s enrollment system, eBenefits, to ensure you are receiving important health plan information in order for you to maximize your benefits all year long.

You can easily access eBenefits from the State Health Plan’s website. Just click eBenefits at the top of this page or any page on the Plan website.

A couple of important things to keep in mind:

  • In eBenefits, if the fields to update your contact information are grayed out, you will need to contact your employing unit to update your information. If you are employed by a state agency, you will need to log into BEACON to update your address AND log into eBenefits to update your email address and phone number. It’s necessary to update in BOTH places.
  • If you are a retired member, you will need to make sure your information is updated within eBenefits AND ORBIT. The two systems do NOT coordinate, so you will need to ensure that your contact information is updated in both places.

For assistance, please call the Plan’s Eligibility and Enrollment Support Center at 855-859-0966.