HBR Scorecards

2020 Open Enrollment Shout-Out!

A number of State Health Plan employing units achieved an impressive 100% Open Enrollment participation rate, during the 2020 Open Enrollment period in November. This means all members in their employing unit took action during Open Enrollment! Thank you all for the fantastic effort! Take a look at the full results below. How did your group do?

2020 Open Enrollment Completion Rates

HBR Scorecards

The State Health Plan offers a specialized tool, the HBR Scorecard, to provide Health Benefit Representatives with information about their group’s documentation verification efforts and how they compare to other groups.

HBR Scorecard example

The HBR Scorecard highlights three areas: 

  • Qualifying Life Event & Dependent Audit Compliance
  • Exception Statistics
  • Outstanding Tasks Lists

These scorecards are intended to help each group identify how close their group is to full compliance on all requests and tasks. The State Health Plan has provided a job aid to assist HBRs with understanding your scorecard. This job aid can be found in the Resource Center or Course Catalog of HBR University and will give details on the content of each section of the scorecard. Please note that first-time users in HBR University will be required to register.

The HBR Scorecard will be delivered each month and include data from your agency for the previous 90 days. The Plan will be utilizing data from the scorecard to develop customized training for needed topics as identified through the scorecard. If you have questions concerning your scorecard please email them to HBRInquiries@nctreasurer.com.


Rock Star Groups


Shout-out! Quarterly, the Plan will identify “Rock Star Groups” that achieve perfect 10 scores.

Below, HBRs can find links to HBR Update e-newsletters that feature HBR Scorecard details and monthly results, including scoring charts, since the initiative was launched in January 2019.

2019 Third Quarter Rock Star Groups

2019 Second Quarter Rock Star Groups

2019 First Quarter Rock Star Groups

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