Flu Shot Information for Non-Medicare Retirees 80/20 Plan

What's True About the Flu Program

Getting a flu shot is easy and convenient for State Health Plan members through Blue Cross and Blue Shield of North Carolina's "What’s True About the Flu" program. Members eligible for the "What's True About the Flu" program are members on the 80/20 Plan and the 70/30 Plan. Please note: The 2020 flu shot program has ended, and the 2021 program will begin in late summer.

Getting Your Flu Shot

The flu vaccine is available at no charge to all Plan members when you receive a shot at a worksite clinic, any in-network doctor's office, in-network health department, participating Convenience Clinic, or through a participating North Carolina immunizing pharmacist.

You may contact Customer Service at 888-234-2416 to find out which North Carolina pharmacies in your area have an immunizing pharmacist. For frequently asked questions about the flu shot program, click here.

Flu Prevention Resources

For more information about the flu and how to prevent it, check out these resources provided by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.