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Learn More about your Plan Options - for Medicare-Eligible Retirees.  Annual Enrollment is October 1-31, 2014

Family wtih dogAnnual Enrollment will be held Oct. 1-31, 2014. Any changes made during this time will be effective Jan. 1-Dec. 31, 2015. If you are satisfied with the plan in which you are currently enrolled, you may keep it and no action is required during Annual Enrollment.

The State Health Plan is hosting a series of Medicare primary outreach events during September and October. Watch your mail for State Health Plan information on these events, or view the Medicare Primary Outreach event schedule. Click here to view the presentation used during these events.

Five Health Plan Options for Medicare Primary Members

The State Health Plan is offering five health plan options for our Medicare Primary members in 2015. These plans include:

  • The Traditional 70/30 Plan, which is administered through Blue Cross and Blue Shield of North Carolina
  • Group Medicare Advantage Plan options – offered through Humana and UnitedHealthcare – which include benefits and services such as access to the SilverSneakers Fitness Program, a nurse help line and disease and case management services

These are the same options that were available to you last year.

Enhanced Plan Options

In addition to a Medicare Advantage Base Plan, each carrier offers an Enhanced Plan, which provides a higher level of coverage and requires a monthly premium. The Traditional 70/30 Plan will continue to be available with no premium required for retirees. All five plans include prescription drug coverage.

As a reminder, if you are satisfied with the plan in which you are currently enrolled, no action is required.

For other questions about your options or for more information, please call Customer Service at 855-859-0966. You may also view a list of frequently asked questions.

Resources to Help You Decide

Decision Guides and Plan Comparison.  The 2015 Annual Enrollment Decision Guide offers information on the plans available to you, as well as important benefit updates.  Learn more by downloading any of these helpful resources:


If you are an Active/Non-Medicare Member, click here for Plan options. Download the decision guide for Medicare-Eligible Retirees on ORBIT Download a plan comparison chart Download the first 2015 Annual Enrollment Mailing for Medicare-Primary Members Ready to enroll or make changes?  Go >>

Rate Sheets*

Click here for the 2014-2015 Rate Calculator

Click here for Frequently Asked Questions.

For more information regarding Humana call 800-944-9442.

For more information regarding UnitedHealthcare call 866-747-1014.

For more information regarding the Traditional 70/30 Plan call 888-234-2416.

*To view the rate sheets for Active and Non-Medicare members, click here.

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